Interval Fasting-Mimicking Diet

No matter what time of year it is, there’s no better time to look towards the new you!

The benefits of fasting are numerous and scientifically proven, but did you know you can get the benefits of traditional fasting while continuing to eat small amounts of nutrient-dense food? The interval fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) is a specific meal plan formulated to simulate the fasting state while allowing you to continue to eat small, calorie-restricted meals. FMD is not a fad diet to lose weight. Its purpose is to maximize the positive metabolic impacts fasting has on the body, including improving longevity, preventing and reversing age-related disorders, reducing visceral fat, increasing energy and preserving muscle mass and function.

Stages of the Interval Fasting-Mimicking Diet

FMD works due to its specifically formulated 5-day plan. Each day is designed to have an impact on your metabolism, leaving you feeling like your best self at the end!

Day 1 transforms your body into a fasting state to begin cellular clean-up and fat-burning. Day 2 continues fat burning and begins ketogenesis to increase the ketones your body produces. Day 3 is where the real cellular clean-up ramps up by starting autophagy. Day 4 is designed for cellular rejuvenation, leaving your cells looking like younger versions of themselves. Finally, day 5 is all about renewal and change, sustaining the positive changes you have felt over the course of the five days!

Dr. Jatto - Fasting Mimicking Diet Benefits - Harrisburg

Kickstart Weight Loss & Support Healthy Metabolism

Dr. Jatto’s easy-to-follow five-day nutrition program has been designed to reduce hunger and unlock the benefits of a prolonged fast.

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