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Lose weight in Harrisburg

Weight Loss

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Weight Loss in Harrisburg

So, you’ve tried everything but the weight just never seems to come off. And when it does it always seems to come back. If you’re serious about dropping those pounds, it can be an incredibly frustrating and vicious cycle, especially when it seems like no one’s able to help. Weight loss is more than a desire, it can also be a necessity. Obesity is classified as a chronic disease and needs to be treated as such. Obesity is associated with high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes, acid reflux disease, joint pains, and even cancer. Therefore, it is important to see a physician with experience and expertise in weight loss.

Here at Jatto Wellness Center in Harrisburg, we focus on helping you reach a healthy weight loss goal and then show you how to keep it off through weight loss assistance in various forms. Whether you have a significant amount of weight to lose or just need help getting a few extra pounds off, we can help. 

There are medications, supplements, and nutrients that you should consider when trying to lose weight in Harrisburg


Nutrition plays a key role in weight loss. We provide nonjudgmental counseling to assess eating habits and provide a personalized plan based on your needs and weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Medication

When diet and exercise aren’t enough to get the weight to drop, medication may be needed to see results. We can work with you to determine if prescription drugs for weight loss are the right fit for your needs. We also offer HCG shots, which is a hormone weight loss agent that enables you to eat less calories and not feel hungry.

For some people, medication for weight loss is very effective when combined with diet and exercise. Every person is different, and that’s why we will work with you to find the best solution for your specific weight loss goals.

Exercising in Harrisburg is a big key to losing weight.

Diet ID

Diet ID is a tool that provides customized nutrition plans based on your health goals. It assesses your diet to create a unique diet “fingerprint.” Based on this assessment, it then helps you manage your diet conveniently and effectively. Diet ID empowers you to take meaningful steps toward better eating, resulting in weight loss and improved health.


Exercise, when combined with a healthy diet, is one of the best ways to tone and fine tune your body. We can help you find a fitness plan that works with you, your goals and your lifestyle.

Psychology and behavior can contribute to losing weight in Harrisburg

Hormonal Imbalance Therapy

At Jatto Internal Medicine we provide testing to look for any possible imbalances within the body. We then work to gently correct imbalances, helping you feel better and make weight loss easier.

Psychology & Behavior

Weight loss isn’t always something that can be done to the body alone. The mind plays an important role in achieving any goal, especially weight loss. By addressing the psychology of the weight gain, you can feel empowered to take control of your health.

Contact Us for Weight Loss Assistance

From an initial consultation to continuing meetings for support, we will tailor the program to meet your needs. We can help you develop a specialized and personalized plan to follow for your weight loss program. You can also bring a family member or partner to the counseling sessions to be extra support as you work for a better, healthier lifestyle.

If you are ready to lose weight, don’t wait any longer! We are here to help. With the professional assistance from Dr. Jatto, you will get the right weight loss program to meet your needs.

Call Jatto Wellness Center at 717-553-2474 or Contact Us to schedule your first appointment or get more information on weight loss in Harrisburg.

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