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Concierge medical services in Harrisburg

Concierge Medicine

A Return to Unrushed, Personalized Healthcare

Concierge Doctor in Harrisburg

Consumer Reports recently asked people what most frustrated them about their physicians. Some of the top concerns included long waits, rushed appointments and poor doctor-patient communications. Dr. Claudette Jatto agrees that these are problems and offers a unique solution. A board-certified internist, Dr. Jatto has chosen to go beyond the basics and offer individuals the opportunity to have more personalized, unhurried patient experiences by becoming part of her practice’s Wellness Center.

Jatto Wellness Center is an example of a hybrid model of patient-doctor care. Essentially, it fills the gaps created by a healthcare system that is focused on volume, and not necessarily the diagnosis of problems, which can often be complex. It also enables people to afford services that are commonly not covered until high deductibles are met, leaving many without the care they know they need for themselves and their loved ones.

At Jatto Wellness Center, the relationship between internist and patient becomes truly comprehensive, making healthcare more individualized and well-rounded. “I always thought this was what a physician should be,” says Dr. Jatto. “It’s based on an old-school philosophy of loyalty and partnership.”

Dr. Jatto deeply understands the issues faced by people who are struggling with the changes in healthcare, including insurance coverage confusion and ever-increasing premiums. Although she accepts most major insurance carriers on the medical side of her practice, Jatto Wellness Center is a groundbreaking concierge medicine concept that allows patients to access her for a variety of services that are generally not covered by insurance. These include life and wellness coaching, medically-supervised treatment for dependence issues, weight loss and aesthetic care.

Dr. Jatto Concierge Medicine

Myth vs Fact for Concierge Medicine

“I provide one-on-one support without time constraints for Jatto Wellness Center patients,” Dr. Jatto explains. “For an economical monthly fee, patients can get physician-supervised wellness in a non-judgmental environment where time isn’t a factor. We have structured our concierge medicine appointments so we can spend as much time as we need to make in-roads. It’s an entirely new concept for this area, and one that people are embracing.”

Special software and app programs allow patients to upload information in real time, and give Dr. Jatto a way to track their progress. “We’re committed to accessible-friendly telehealth to ensure seamless care between office visits. This allows us to use data to create intervention plans. We’re breaking the mold and rethinking how to serve people who need more than an occasional, abbreviated appointment.”

Integrative Medicine Options

Jatto Wellness Center offers other convenient services that will help make obtaining healthcare easier and faster, such as: