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Prevention Is The best Remedy

Get a Comprehensive Look at Your Health with an Executive Physical in Harrisburg

Prevention is always the best remedy when it comes to your health. It’s much better to prevent something from happening than it is to deal with it later. With advances in medicine, testing and medical records, prevention is now easier than ever.

With an executive physical from Dr. Jatto, you get a customized, thorough and completely personalized physical exam done within a single day and coordinated by board certified internal medicine physician. This complete physical includes a comprehensive medical, physical and nutritional assessment.

Executive physicals have an even broader scope than a yearly checkup, and at our Harrisburg office, you will receive the very best care possible. The primary focus of our practice is wellness, disease prevention and early detection. With the executive physical, patients receive a Personal Health Assessment that includes the results of the diagnostic tests and studies performed during the day. Dr. Jatto will review the results and provide each patient with a written report outlining a strategic plan for decreasing health risks and improving overall wellness. 

What is included in an Executive Physical?

What is included in an Executive Physical?

You can expect the following tests to be performed during your executive physical:

  • Physical exam with a comprehensive review of past medical history and current medical issues or concerns
  • Lab Assessment including urinalysis, lipid panel, thyroid function tests, complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive medical profile (CMP), C-reactive protein, vitamin D, HbA1C and PSA (for men)
  • EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • Lung function analysis (spirometer)
  • Stress testing (treadmill exercise)
  • Body composition analysis
  • Hearing screening
  • One-on-one nutritional review and counseling
  • Non-invasive radiologic imaging studies including complete abdominal ultrasound; chest X-ray; vascular studies of carotid, aorta and peripheral vascular systems; and calcium scoring chest CT for cardiovascular assessment
  • Additional tests are also available if needed or requested.
What is the difference between an Executive Physical and a Regular Physical?

What is the difference between an Executive Physical and a Regular Physical?

Executive physical exams are fundamentally different from standard physical exams. Executive physicals are not driven by the time on the clock or the insurance company. Instead, they’re designed to deliver results with a customized, hands-on approach.

Everyone understands that a regular physical exam is important to maintain one’s health. But a regular physical only scratches the surface of a person’s overall health and wellness. Executive physicals aren’t your regular in-and-out checkups focused on treating symptoms. Instead, executive physicals have a much broader scope and help patients take preventive measures necessary to support their long-term wellness and productivity.

Scheduling Your Executive Physical in Harrisburg

For your convenience, our executive physicals are completed all in one day. This makes it easier to fit into your schedule, eliminating the need to run to several different locations on different days. We want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible and get you the results you need.

Your executive physical day is all about you and your health. If you have additional tests you’d like done, please let us know ahead of time. We will schedule everything to streamline the process and maximize your time.

If you want to take control of your health then schedule your executive physical as soon as possible! We will get your day on the calendar and collect any necessary information before your appointment to personalize the experience for your unique needs.

At Jatto Wellness Center we are dedicated to your well-being and we look forward to meeting you. Take your first big step toward wellness by scheduling your executive physical with Dr. Claudette Jatto today. Contact our Harrisburg office to learn more about our internal medicine services by calling 717-553-2474 or Contact Us

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