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Primary Care Physician

Your health and wellness are our primary concern

Primary Care Physician

Your health and wellness are our primary concern at Jatto Internal Medicine & Wellness Center in Harrisburg. We provide comprehensive care for men and women and offer all the services you would expect from a primary care physician. From preventive care to treatment for sickness and injuries, you can count on our expertise.

Here are some of the primary care services we provide:

  • Annual physicals
  • Preventive medical care
  • Immunizations
  • Comprehensive diabetes care/education
  • EKG
  • Minor surgery, joint injections
  • Treatment for minor sprains
  • Management of acute and chronic diseases/conditions

Personalized Health Care

We understand that every patient is unique with different health histories and needs. We strive to provide personalized care to account for these variances. We want to determine the best plan of care for you. Whether you have chronic medical issues or only need occasional care for acute conditions such as sickness or injury, you can depend on Dr. Jatto and her staff for expert diagnosis and treatment.

We can help you navigate the complex healthcare system by coordinating the care you need. We can assist with scheduling studies or tests and facilitating your care. Our staff works hand-in-hand with patients and their families to provide the best care possible.

Primary Care in Harrisburg

If you are new to the Harrisburg area or looking for a new primary care physician, please call Jatto Internal Medicine & Wellness Center at 717-327-4448 or Contact Us to schedule your first appointment.